Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling

One of the most significant risk factors of postnatal depression is a lack of support in general and from one’s partner specifically. In many instances, the relationship is already shaky before birth and with the added stress of a new baby, the tension often increases. With the lack of support, understanding and instrumental help from her spouse, the new mother will most likely feel hurt, sad and depressed.

The mother, who has to deal with a new baby’s constant needs, as well as her own physical and emotional postpartum recovery, compounded by lack of support from her husband, will most likely find it increasingly difficult to cope from day to day. In more severe cases, where there is serious discord in the home and the relationship is very rocky, the postpartum period often leads to an escalation in this conflict, and the situation may lead to more depression, feelings of isolation and anger in the mother.

Studies have shown that when there is violence of any kind in the home before birth, it tends to increase after birth.

Counseling for couples experiencing marital difficulties is essential. The relationship between the parents strongly impacts the infant and other children physically, emotionally and cognitively.

It is recommended that couples therapy begin at the first sign of conflict even before pregnancy. If a couple experiencing marital conflict did not see help before, it must be addressed postpartum.  The baby will not solve the problems, and the problems will not solve themselves.

Hundreds upon hundreds of couples have received therapy and their lives have changed greatly for the better.  There should be no stigma in receiving help to improve your marriage.  You owe it yourselves and your children.