Depression During Pregnancy

Depression During Pregnancy

Most people are under the mistaken impression that depression only presents after birth. This is why we make a point of stating that a woman may suffer from depression and related reactions such as anxiety and OCD, etc. during pregnancy as well as after birth. Statistics indicate that 7%-26% of women suffer from depression already during pregnancy, with the percentage increasing as the pregnancy progresses.

According to one study, 46% of women who experienced depressive symptoms during pregnancy will also suffer from similar symptoms following birth. It is therefore essential to treat these symptoms as soon as possible in order to avoid falling into depression in pregnancy or after birth.

Pregnant women who are suffering from depression often do not take care of themselves properly. For example, a woman who is depressed most likely does not have healthy eating habits.  She might also neglect medical check-ups or other health issues which could affect her own health as well as the development of the fetus.

So we cannot emphasize enough how important it is to treat depression during pregnancy. Studies show that the emotional health of the mother has future repercussions on fetal development in the physical, emotional, and cognitive realms.

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Treatment options for depression during pregnancy