Maternity Leave

Maternity leave is a concept that needs to be taken seriously. This period should be renamed as ‘recovery from birth”.

Many times women give birth and make extensive plans for their maternity leave. The plans include arranging shelves, painting the children’s’ room, washing the curtains and all kinds of chores that they have not had time to do until now.  After all, you don’t have work so it’s an opportunity to get around to all the household chores that have been neglected.

NOOOOOOOOO! Maternity leave is a time to fill up with physical, emotional and mental energy. This is a time when you and your baby get to know each other. It’s not the time to deal with projects that have gone undone until now.

  • Sleep while the baby naps.
  • Read a book with a cup of fruit juice or herbal tea while the baby revels in the soft music
  • Chill out and chat with a friend when the baby is calm
  • Take a chilled walk with your husband and baby and enjoy!

There is no second chance to experience maternity leave with this new little bundle.

Use it wisely!