Postpartum Adjustment Disorder

Postpartum Adjustment Disorder

Approximately 20% of women suffer from Postpartum Adjustment Disorder. (We abbreviate here as PPAD).

This postpartum disorders lasts from one to three months, and is somewhat an extension of the Baby Blues.  Instead of the symptoms of the Baby Blues disappearing as in most women after 2-3 weeks, in this postpartum reaction,  may continue for 2-3 months.  If a postpartum woman experiences PPAD and receives emotional and physical support she will most likely avoid clinical Postpartum Depression.  If she is left on her own without good support she may likely develop clinical Postpartum Depression.

Usually women who suffer from this Postpartum Adjustment Disorder continue to function outwardly as usual and normal, and it is difficult to tell that anything is amiss. However, these women describe themselves as feeling as if they are sinking, and in a deep, black hole, and that they are functioning on autopilot.

PPAD is not considered a clinical depression, but if the symptoms continue, it is recommended to seek assistance and contact NITZA, not only to alleviate the suffering, but to minimize the chance of developing clinical Postpartum Depression.

The symptoms of PPAD include those of the Baby Blues such as low mood, loss of enjoyment and interest, crying and nervousness, changes in weight and appetite, sleep difficulties, fatigue and lack of self-worth.

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