Postpartum Mania

Prenatal and Postpartum Mania

Mania in pregnancy or after birth is characterized by an elevated mood, feelings of euphoria and a sense of transcendence and in some cases extreme irritability. High energy and activity levels, decreased need for sleep, rapid, pressured speech, disorganized behavior among others are symptomatic of Mania.

During a manic episode a person tends to think up all kinds of new plans and ideas often not based in reality, has racing thoughts and speech tends to be very fast and not logical.  Sometimes the person cannot keep pace with their own racing thoughts and they can oftentimes omit sentences or parts of sentences when speaking, making it difficult to understand them.

Behavior during the episode is characterized by extreme irritability, and especially rash actions, which they may later regret. This could include excessive buying of unnecessary items and expensive objects, often well beyond their budget, leaving their workplace and other actions with serious negative consequences, harmful to themselves and others.  Their thinking and modes of action are not within their control. They include grandiose thoughts that are exaggerated to the point of being disconnected from reality or delusions of greatness or persecution. Psychiatric hospitalization may be required in order to prevent further deterioration. In Postpartum Mania, a woman should be treated immediately without delay to maintain her safety and the safety of her baby and others around her.

This condition is an emergency and you must seek immediate medical assistance and ensure that the woman is supported under supervision 24 hours a day. Sometimes full hospitalization is required.

Mania can develop to a stage of psychosis, with hallucinations and delusions and total disconnect from reality.   This is a dangerous situation and requires immediate medical intervention, possibly psychiatric hospitalization.

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