Psychotherapy, sometimes referred to as emotional or talk therapy, is therapy designed to resolve crises, treat disorders, relieve distress, and help a person deal with emotional difficulties he or she experiences. At the end of the treatment, the person is supposed to feel better, with greater self-confidence that will enable them to develop and grow further in the future. In most psychological treatments, dialogue between the patient and the therapist takes place without additional aids. The therapist must be accredited professionally.

Psychological treatment has many and varied methods that have developed over the years, but can be divided into two main categories.

Short-term targeted therapy: This therapy is the most common mode of therapy today which addresses specific problems such as anxiety, phobia, obsessive thoughts, depression and more. One example of short term therapy is Cog

Pychodynamic Therapy: This is a long-term process, suitable treatment for problems that affect a wide range of life issues, such as relationships, childhood traumas, self-image and more

Psychotherapy can be personal, group or family therapy,  It is important to know that the key to success in psychological treatment is the level of trust that exists between the client and therapist. If the client feels uncomfortable with the therapist, it is advisable to look for another professional.

Nitza provides women with both long-term and short-term psychological treatments from professionals