Nitza's Services

At Nitza we believe that the goal of treatment is to restore you to health so that you function, and feel better. The ways to achieve this are many, and vary from woman to woman. Some women will need psychological treatment, some will need alternative treatment, and some will take medication.

Nitza takes you personally and fits you with the best treatment combination that works for YOU.

With a wide and skilled professional team, and with our highly trained and dedicated volunteers, Nitza operates a number of branches and activity centers throughout the country .

Nitza accompanies women and families at every stage through providing a wide range of therapeutic solutions along with broad emotional support -including an attentive ear, a caressing hand, and a supportive shoulder.

Treatment of prenatal and postpartum illness varies from woman to woman, but usually falls under one of the following categories.

We run public programs, including lectures and dissemination of literature, aimed at creating awareness about pre and postpartum reactions, and with a goal to empowering women to seek help. Our awareness programs also seek to eliminate the stigma associated with pre and postpartum conditions.
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Medical Referrals
At Nitza we advise women about treatment options and care.
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Volunteer Support
Nitza has a team of trained volunteers who are available to support the women experiencing pre and postpartum reactions who turn to NITZA for help They provide advice, a listening ear and supportive shoulder and assist them with navigating their course of treatment, until they recover.
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Public Helpline
A 24-hour voicemail message can be left on our helpline, 02-5002824, and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.
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Alternative Therapies
Bach Remedies
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At Nitza we offer women a range of therapies, including.
Individual Support Therapy
Couples Therapy
CBT Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
DBT Dialectical Behavior Therapy
EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
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