Support Group

Support groups are made up of individuals who face similar problems. At NITZA these groups are comprised of prenatal or postpartum mothers, mothers and babies, fathers, or family members whose challenges include anxiety, obsessions, depression, difficulties connecting with the baby, understanding how to deal with the current crisis or situation, etc. .These groups are a lifeline to struggling individuals and the feeling of total acceptance and of not being alone play an important role in moving towards recovery.

The group is led by a trained therapist who guides and directs the discussions.

Participants who partake in these joint discussions discover that they are not the only ones with these symptoms, feelings or situations, or who are facing such challenges, and this is an enormous relief. They also hear how each one copes with their challenges. This enables them to learn from the life experience of others and to exchange tips on how to manage. The therapist also provides them with the coping methods and corrects any distortions of thinking.