Tips for Self-Care

Tips for Self Care During Pregnancy and After Birth

During Pregnancy a woman’s body goes through enormous changes.

Some women suffer from severe nausea, while with others it’s milder and some women

don’t experience any.  There are women who feel great and have lots of energy while many

are extremely tired and barely have energy to get through the day.

Each woman should have the recommended check-ups of blood work and ultra sounds

It is recommended by many doctors that women take a pre-natal vitamin but that is done in consultation with your doctor

Eating healthy, exercising and rest are extremely important during pregnancy for mother and fetus

Some women ask their mothers to accompany them to the birth while others a good friend.

In our experience at NITZA we have seen many benefits of hiring a trained labor coach to accompany you to your birth. Of course the choice is yours.  If you’ve given birth before, you have

an idea about what works for you and what doesn’t.  What changes you would like to see at this birth.  Go for it! Speak to NITZA’s staff if you need some advice.

After birth rest, nutritious food and emotional and instrumental support with household chores go a long way towards enabling a smooth recovery.

Now is the time to let others take care of your needs and for you to be able to spend the time you

need with your new baby.  We have supported women who felt so tired and were embarrassed because they felt they needed a night nurse but none of their friends had one.  We told them if it’s in your budget, or someone is gifting you a few nights, no need to be embarrassed.  Whatever you  can do to strengthen yourself and allow you to better care for yourself and your baby, is recommended. The more rest and self-care you allow yourself will help you recover and get your strength back.

Some tips for self-care

  • Allow friends and family to help you with meals, baby-sitting, running errands
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet
  • Get plenty of rest and sleep when the baby does
  • Spend some time in the fresh air
  • Take a daily walk
  • Shorten your to-do list to a minimum
  • Don’t entertain – it’s not the time do overextend yourself
  • Focus on the good
  • Get dressed – even if you don’t planning on going out.
  • Chat with a friend
  • Cry if you need to; it’s liberating!– That’s a biological fact!
  • Read jokes, and laugh out loud
  • Seek professional help in whatever area you need